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Letting kids be kids!

School pictures have not changed for decades and decades. We decided to do something a bit differently at Green Egg Studios. We let kids be kids and create some really fun photos that their personalities shine through. Spending that bit of extra time with each kid in a relaxed environment really helps them be their true selves. We also make it super easy for parents! No more complicated order forms with expensive packages. At Green Egg Studios we have fun modern backgrounds, more poses, and an easy to use online gallery where photos can be downloaded and printed with just a few clicks.

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Book your session using our booking calendar



Come in for your free shoot and let us capture your child's true personality!



Buy digital downloads and prints from our online gallery.

How It Works

No more complicated order forms

Green Egg Studios wants to make sure that everything is user friendly and super convenient for you. With the ease of today’s technology you won’t have to fill out any order forms or write any cheques. After your session you will receive an online gallery where you can download the digital photos, as well as order prints.

No packages or minimum spending

Green Egg Studios wants to make sure you're getting everything you want and nothing more or less. With your online Gallery you can choose exactly which photos you would like to download a digital copy of, and order prints delivered right to your door. 


What makes Green Egg Studios different from the traditional school pictures?
We are focused on quality instead of quantity. We spend that extra few minutes with each kid to really capture their true selves. we have updated the background options and created an easy to use online gallery.

How much does a session cost?
Free! There is no sitting cost just like school pictures. You only pay for the photos you would like to buy. There is a $25 credit card deposit required to reserve your spot. That $25 will be credited to your account after the shoot and can be used to buy digital images & prints. If you're not happy with any of the photos...which has yet to happen...we will gladly refund you.

What do we get after a session?
After the session you will receive an online gallery of the best photos. You can choose which photos you'd like to download or print with just a few clicks.

Is there a minimum amount of money we need to spend?
There is no minimum spending. You can create a custom package that fits your needs and your budget.

How do I order prints?
After your shoot you will receive an online gallery that you can order prints directly though. They will be mailed directly to you once printed.

We deliver the galleries within 7 days of your shoot...usually sooner!

what precautions are you taking for covid-19?
Healthy and Safety is our number one priority at Green Egg Studios. We have put in some protocols to help ensure everyone has a fun time while remaining safe. Click here for more details.

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